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    El Gouna Hotels Stay Green

    There has been a noticeable rise in responsible eco-tourism over the past few years; travelers are more conscious of choosing hotels that are environmentally friendly and that are practicing a more sustainable kind of tourism that helps preserve the ecosystem....

  • Buzz | My Gouna

    The Complete Guide to Diving and Kitesurfing in El Gouna

    Cooling temperatures or not, you can still dive and kitesurf in El Gouna that promises sunshine and warm waters all year round. El Gouna is a world-renown Watersports hot spot that has professional and amateur kitesurfers flocking to its shores. This...

  • Buzz

    Casa Cook Opening – Boutique Hotel – El Gouna Red Sea

    Boutique Family Hotel Casa Cook Opens in El Gouna With a unique offering to all families hoping to get away from their day-to-day madness, award-winning Casa Cook is finally opening on November 1st this year, marking yet another addition to El...

  • Dining | My Gouna

    Best Hot Spots in the Abu Tig Marina 2019

    The definitive top list of where to eat, drink, party and shop in El Gouna : The scenic, vibrant and invigorating Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna showcases the best of the Red Sea with several restaurants, bars, and boutiques to...

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