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DJs Oriol Calvo, Armen V and AK For New Year’s Eve in Cook's Club El Gouna

As 2020 rolls in, we are all looking to bid farewell to the trials and tribulations of 2019 and ensure the New Year continues as well as it begins - and what better way to do that than to kick-start it with an unforgettable night filled with some of the most enticing music in the midst of an energetic crowd?

Let old habits fade away and welcome in the New Year as you party to the captivating tunes of famed DJs Oriol Calvo, Armen V and AK until 3 AM at the Memento party at one of El Gouna’s latest social hubs: Cook’s Club El Gouna.

Bringing a piece of Ibiza’s top clubs and nightlife spots to the diverse seaside town, established DJ Oriol Calvo will be setting the scene for the Year 2020. If that wasn’t reason enough to head to Cook’s Club El Gouna this holiday season, DJ Armen V will be surprising the audience with his out-of-to-box music, along with the unique memorable sound of DJ AK, who will be charming partygoers with his popular urban hits as the ball drops.

Cook’s Club – one of the latest renovation projects in El Gouna – is designed for a new generation of travelers with its bold concepts and modern technology. Overlooking the stunning lagoons of the town, the Hotel proves to be the perfect location for guests looking to explore simplistic living with an edge, making it ideal for parties that go on until dawn.

An adults-only hideaway, Cook’s Club is known for its resident DJs entertaining guests all day long within a welcoming social space. In addition to this, guests are introduced to the eWallet system, which allows them to enjoy hassle-free spending using a band on their wrist that also serves as the room key.

Lively nights can be followed by blissful mornings by the pool or the private lagoons as guests indulge in handcrafted beverages uniquely blended by the hotel’s talented bartender. Steps away from the Downtown area, the Hotel is a short walk from a wide array of activities, whether visitors seek adventure or relaxation.


There are just some nights you don’t want to miss, and the Memento party is one of them. 

If you are 21 or older, hurry up and secure your reservation by calling 01113119011 or 01208450040.

There are two rounds: catch the early bird entrance-only fee of 1,300 LE before December 20, or tickets will cost 1,600 LE.

Doors open at 8 pm - Standing tickets only.