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Egypytian Craft Exhibition

During Eid Al Adha Feast, Rotary Club Red Sea - El Gouna will be holding a traditional crafts night at Dawar El Omda Hotel in El Kafr, Downtown El Gouna.

Traditional crafts in Dawar el Omda Hotel

Egyptian craft and artworkThe event will begin at 5pm and showcase the work of the Egyptian artisans from Gabel Elba Park. Among acacia trees in Shalateen, an area in the southern stretch of the Red Sea, about 250km south of Marsa Alam, Zeinab, Aisha and Fatma - Bedouin women from the Ababda tribe - lead the first women cooperative to train and support women working in handicrafts.

With the kind help of Usama Ghazali, CEO and Co-Founder of Yadaweya, El Gouna residents and visitors will have a chance to meet the artisans as they perform their craft work, and also be able to purchase crafts.


The night air will be full of Egyptian music, and specially themed cocktails will be available to sip by the swimming pool, as we gather to celebrate and raise awareness for the traditional crafts of the Red Sea region.

Date : 14 September 2016 5pm to 10 pm