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Green star certificates


Enhancing El Gouna's effort towards sustainability and environmental consciousness, sixteen El Gouna Hotels are now proud holders of the Green Star Certification.

The awards scheme is the first of its kind to be designed specifically for hotels in Egypt. Hotels are awarded Green Stars for successfully improving their environmental performance, saving valuable resources and cutting down on waste.
The scheme concentrates on environmental management, water and energy use and staff training, among other requirements.
Hotels can achieve three, four or five star ratings depending on the initiatives put in place.


With pleasure we would like to congratulate the following hotels for receiving their Green Star Certification:

  • Ali Pasha Hotel 4****
  • Arena Inn 5*****
  • Captain‘s Inn 4****
  • Club Paradisio 4****
  • Dawar El Omda Hotel 5*****
  • Fanadir Hotel 4****
  • Mövenpick Resort & Spa 4****
  • Mosaique Hotel 4****
  • Sheraton Miramar Resort 4****
  • Sultan Bey Hotel 5*****
  • Steigenberger Golf Resort 4**** 
  • TTC Ocean View Hotel 4****
  • TTC Rihana Inn 5*****
  • TTC Rihana Resort 5*****
  • Turtle‘s Inn 4****

The constant improvement of the environmental performance proves the clear commitment of the management and the employees to protect the environment and to harmonize with it.

About Green Star

In 2008, El Gouna was chosen as the pilot destination for the Green Star Initiative. With its authentic architecture, sustainable development concept, internal recycling and water treatment plants, and innovative management, EL Gouna serves to become the ideal starting point for this initiative.

The Green Star is a partnership between Orascom, the German consulting firm AGEG Consultants and the German International Cooperation (GIZ). 

The first of its kind in Egypt, the Green Star Initiative works together with hotel operators, destination management teams, as well as the Egyptian and German governments to create a comprehensive set of environmental standards that can be applied to hotels throughout the country.

For the first two years , eleven hotels in El Gouna have received Green Star Awards, and now we are very proud that all El Gouna Hotels and four Taba Heights Hotels have received the green star certificate for their “green Efforts”.

Key Environmental Objectives of the Green Star Initiative:

  • Improvement of the environmental performance of the destination

  • Significant reduction of energy and water consumption (10-30%)
  • Increased use of renewable energy
  • Ensuring waste is properly handled and sewage is properly treated
  • Raising awareness for environmental protection among hotel guests, tour operators, hotel staff and residents
  • Capacity building in environmentally sound hotel management

The Tools:

The Green Star Hotel Initiative provides a Practical Toolkit to support the hotels in El Gouna introducing the eco-label:

  • Guidelines manual
  • Graphic marketing tools
  • Training tools


The Standards:

The Green Star Hotel Initiative applies the standards of the VISIT Association (www.yourvisit.info)


The Guiding Principles (Destinations-Specific Criteria):


Taking into account the local climatic and cultural characteristics of Egypt, the criteria of the Green Star Hotel Label will concentrate on the following areas:

Environmental Management

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Guest Information
  • Food and Beverage/Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Gardening and Beach
  • Interior and Exterior Appearance


All criteria are based upon internationally recognized standards, including baseline criteria developed by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and a range of international organizations. In accordance with UNEP, the Green Star Hotel Initiative will test the implementation of those criteria, acting as a pilot for the Middle East.



How the rating works

Based on the intensity of a hotel’s commitment to the environment and its application of environmental measures in line with the label’s criteria, hotels are awarded three, four, or five Green Stars.

The number of Green Stars does not only evaluate whether a hotel is environmental friendly, but also express the strength of its environmental commitment. For this reason, the Green Star Hotel Initiative specifies three varying categories of Green Star rating:

Three Green Stars

The hotel is environmental friendly and exhibits a higher commitment than many other hotels. The hotel management and its employees are decisively engaged in the protection of nature. Measures are taken to continuously improve the protection of the environment.

Four Green Stars

The hotel is decisively environmental friendly and is exceedingly engaged in the protection of the environment through investments and communication actions. The hotel is notably differentiated from other hotels by its environmental management. The protection of nature and the environment is of importance to the hotel management as well as its employees. They jointly dedicate their efforts to continuously improve the protection of the environment.

Five Green Stars

The hotel is outstandingly environmental friendly and belongs to a small group of hotels that show a high level of commitment to an intensive and continuous protection of nature across all sectors of environmental management. Hotel management and employees put protection of the environment first.